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Hey there! I’m Trey.

My journey to a woodworking business began when I married my wife in 2012. I wanted to be the stereotypical husband who knew how to use tools and fix things around the house (both of which I knew very little). I received a collection of battery powered tools as a gift and started playing around with them. I would create small things and learn how to use the tools in the best way. I moved on to bigger pieces and started upgrading my tools as time progressed.

I have always enjoyed building things with my hands, creating objects and bringing them to life when they just began as pictures in my mind. My first clients were friends, giving me grace and freedom in my early building days. I apprenticed under a local craftsman for about 6 months allowing my knowledge and skill to take a huge leap forward, as well as my desire to make a career out of my love for the craftsmanship and creativity. Fast forward to 2021 when I officially established Rose and Stag Woodworks. Countless unique pieces later I still have the same joy and pride building custom creations for people that I did when I first started. I would love to create something for you, let’s get started!

Trey Davidson | Founder, Rose & Stag Woodworks


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